About Us

Biblical Counseling - What Is It?

As Christians, we recognize the importance of restoring a person's life through repentance and reconciliation with God Our purpose for this ministry remains clear, as we minister to those in need of God's counseling and offer ourselves as servants of the living God.


We are a ministry founded on the word of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ. We follow the Biblical principles of counseling regarding all issues such as; Life, Family, Marriage, Adults, Children, Youth, Evangelism, Discipleship, etc., The counseling provided will follow these Biblical principles as our staff and leaders assist you in dealing with your individual needs Our leaders will work with you on a frequency level mutually agreed upon, as being sufficient to aid you in resolving the conflict in your life.


Our Purpose

Through men’s retreats, seminars and counseling I discovered several things with respect to men and their walk with Christ. First, I was amazed at how many men did not read their Bibles. I was amazed at how many men took their families to church faithfully. I was amazed, therefore, at the true lack of spiritual passion for God and an unconscious embrace of secularism.

Underneath there was a growing moral and spiritual cancer – pornography. It would only be casually spoken of. But it was eating away men’s souls. I found many of the books written on the subject to be helpful in different ways but also inadequate for dealing with the causes and cures of this moral malady. So I pondered and I prayed and I believe the Lord has given us this biblical perspective on the subject.

So the main purpose of this website is to pull in the best that is written on, and preached concerning sexual distortion and its effects spiritually, domestically, intellectually, and socially. However, the method and solution, therapy if you please, have been far too behavioristic, neurological and moralistic. Hence, this website offers a solution centered on four awesome biblical principles. These are stated in our introduction to our first PowerPoint presentation for seminars.

In addition, to dealing with pornography our purpose is to utilize these great biblical principles in helping God’s people define victory and true joy over sin, and Satan and the world.

“Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God„ For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”
2 Cor. 5:20-21

 Our Vision

Trinity Counseling & Education Center solely exists as a ministry dedicated to affecting reconciliation between God and His people, as Biblical truths are applied to daily living through the counseling activities of staff and laity leadership.

As servants of Jesus Christ, assisted by the Holy Spirit, we guide hurting people in understanding and dealing with the issues of life through Biblical counseling.



The services offered are confidential and no information concerning your participation in this ministry will be released without your prior written consent, unless there is a concern of clear and immediate danger to yourself’ or someone else. Personal information is held as private, privileged information between an individual and his counselor: However, we are subject to the laws of the State in regards to certain specific, criminal acts, which we may be compelled by law to report.