The Truth That Holds Your Mind Will Mold Your Living.

The Cross of Christ Kills Porn

Our understanding of the cross must go as deep as Scripture. A shallow understanding of why Jesus died on the cross will not suffice to deal with a sin so deeply embedded in the imagination and the soul....

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Sermon: Adoption by Bill Franklin

On June 14, 2015, Bill Franklin had the privilege of preaching on adoption to God’s people at Christ Church Suwanee, GA. We hope the sermon is a blessing to you! Listen to the sermon below or save...

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Trinity. Gospel. Victory.

Trinity The Trinity is the encompassing frame of reference for all things, all interpretation, and all meaning Gospel The Gospel is God’s way in Jesus Christ to bring his people to know, love and...

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Understanding Pornography Biblically

Pornography is an act of worship offered to a human being instead of the Creator. Have you ever wondered how and why pornography has become the blazing center of life, for so many Christian men? Since,...

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Our Vision

Trinity Counseling & Education Center solely exists as a ministry dedicated to affecting reconciliation between God and His people, as Biblical truths are applied to daily living through the counseling activities of staff and laity leadership.

As servants of Jesus Christ, assisted by the Holy Spirit, we guide hurting people in understanding and dealing with the issues of life through Biblical counseling.