Workshops, seminars, and conferences

If you would like to have Bill speak at your ministry event, here is a list of topics he is prepared to cover. The topics below may be given as a one-time presentation, e.g. a men’s breakfast, conference breakout session, or keynote. Any of the three topics may also be combined for a workshop, for example, 9 am to 2 pm on a Saturday.

Bill is also available for pulpit supply on Sunday mornings. To schedule Bill or find out more, please use the contact page and let us know how we can serve you!


The Gospel Kills Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

The gospel is at the heart of God’s way to thoroughly, yet gradually expel pornography from the mind and imagination. This study carefully examines six principles explaining the theological and ethical meaning of the cross. Six applications, drawn from these six biblical views of the cross, are applied to the activity of using pornography and its expulsion from the heart. Practical illustrations help answer the question, “How do I go about this?”

A Christian Worldview Kills Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

Christ is the creator or and sustainer of all reality (everything that is). Pornography draws a man’s soul into one perverted infinitesimal experience. A Christian worldview is designed to attack the incredibly limited world of pornography. It opens up the transcendent vastness of the created universe. Five principles governing creation are explained from Colossians 1:15 – 17 which are applied to various dynamics of the pornographic world. The purpose: to deliver men from a small and increasingly limited lifestyle, due to pornography. Practical lifetime experiences are shared in order to show how the Christian worldview is applied to the killing of pornography.

Trinitarian Beauty Kills the Ugliness of Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

Before the world was, there was the Father, the Son; and the Holy Spirit. These three (God) lived in perfect harmony, symmetry, mutual pleasure, and indwelling. Therefore, their relationship was one of deep profound affection and beauty. Christians have the inestimable privilege of sharing in the fellowship and beauty. This privilege is explained by a careful, biblical description (by using five biblical words and descriptions) of Original Beauty. Knowing this beauty and experiencing it is a way to kill pornography and its wretched ugliness.

Affectionate Knowledge Kills Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

Christ’s words, at work in us, affect not only the intellect but impact a variety of emotions, so that at the deepest level of affection and feeling, we are moved to love him, find our pleasure in him, and worship him affectionately. Learning affections from Scripture is a powerful way to kill perverted thoughts and emotions created by pornography. Affectionate knowledge (rather than notional knowledge) is explained by four principles and applied (by illustration and personal experience) to retrain specific emotions away from pornography by new Trinitarian affections.

Biblical Friendship and Relationship Kills Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

So much of Christ’s indwelling life is expressed through mutual fellowship in the body of Christ. Learning the principles of true friendship and relationship with the Trinity, never separated from all believers, is the relational dynamism which is working powerfully to kill pornography. In this study, the concept of fellowship is explained from seven different perspectives. Fellowship is then applied showing the ways it kills pornography.

Trinitarian Pleasure and Happiness Kills Pornography
(45-50 minutes)

The human desire for happiness is inescapable. In every corpuscle of our soul, we want to experience well-being and positive pleasure. Those who hunt pornography are looking for happiness and pleasure and success and peace. Yet, all true happiness and joy and pleasure are found in God and everything associated with him. When these affections toward God become the natural and native instincts of the soul pornography is killed. This lesson is designed to explain what it is like to experience three aspects of the Trinity that become the expulsive power to displace pornography on a daily basis.