Bill Franklin

Bill Franklin is the founder and CEO of Trinity Counseling and Educational Center founded in 2014. He is a Gwinnett County resident living in Lawrenceville Georgia.

His education experience and training include an M.A. in Biblical Counseling; a B.A in biblical literature, and a Ph.D. pending in “Biblical Counseling.”

Bill has 40 years of counseling experience dealing with such human experiences as depression, anxiety, crisis, regrets over the past, fear of the future.

Bill’s professional abilities include:

  • The ability to translate biblical norms into contemporary context and to have empathy for the whole person: culturally, emotionally; and physically and spiritually.
  • The ability to communicate with hurting people who come from various, religious background.
  • The ability to identify alcohol/drug related problems, recognize the source and offer a program tailor-made to each individual.
  • The ability to analyze the diverse cultures and social structures which impact the present struggles and hurts of those individuals.
  • The ability to help men and women experience the victorious work of the gospel over pornographic enslavement.
Bill Franklin